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    Hand crafted in the USA

    HandcraftedIf you never change anything then what you can really engineer is kind of incremental, but when you’re willing to change things then you open up a whole new world of design. Hug Your Tablet covers is built with the very highest levels of quality, it’s incredibly functional and yet remarkably portable. To create it we rigorously questioned the ways in which we’ve designed and built hard covers in the past. One of the most significant challenge was completely changing our approach to the design of the tablet cover, by making a multiple panels hard cover with magnetic closure that folds backward for standing and typing position or simply making a two panel cover with an elastic to keep it close, we actually created a product that it’s more elegant and more efficient. It’s without doubt the very best tablet covers we’ve ever manufactured.

    We focused on the features that matter most to tablet users and we made huge leaps. For the first time we’re bringing a solid one piece of bamboo wood, it’s the lightest wood panel you can ever use to hold your tablet, better yet 100% recyclable. It’s cut with refinement to bring the most beautiful holder to any size tablet. Beyond the display, Hug Your Tablet cover is really a great product proudly made in the USA. We knew that to be part of the market, we had to combine elegance, practicality, and simplicity with a touch of craftsmanship. Choosing Hug Your Tablet cover to protect your tablet is a great choice and a small investment you’ll never regret.